For which materials is IFS PACsecure suitable?

The IFS PACsecure is designed for the following .

IFS PACsecure-Objective

The objectives of IFS PACsecure are:

  • Ensure the of packaging
  • Ensuring with uniform standards through assessment systems
  • Collaborate with accredited bodies
  • Ensure that comparability and are validated throughout the chain
  • Save costs and time for suppliers and retailers
  • Meet the conditions

Advantages of IFS PACsecure

IFS certification offers a number of benefits for that strive for excellence in quality and customer . In addition, the certificate can serve as a competitive advantage in the market.

Advantages for production

  • Better understanding of standards and manufacturers for and .
  • Monitoring compliance with
  • More effective use of
  • Fewer customer audits
  • Independent third-party audits
  • Greater flexibility through customized implementation with risk-based analysis

Marketing Advantages

  • The improved reputation of the by demonstrating safe and high-quality .
  • Ability to deal with customers who require third-party audits
  • Use of the IFS PACsecure logo and certificate allows the company to demonstrate its compliance with the highest standards

Obtaining and maintaining certification through iMIS Food

It is not easy to obtain certification. You have to meet many requirements. By working with our solution iMIS Food, it is easier to obtain and maintain IFS certification. iMIS Food stands for Integrated Management & Systems – for Food Safety and . In other words, an integrated management information system for food quality assurance.

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