Sharp Sharp, Rotterdam

Shap Sharp is a small founded by Frank and Renate. Since 2016 they have a in Rotterdam offering special cakes, biscuits, flower granola and more. All their are free, Vegan and almost completely sourced from ingredients. To get ready for (Albert Heijn) Sharp Sharp is using iMIS since 2019 and therefore can be complying with all FSCC 2200 .

On 14th of July Cees, Andrada and Nele from QAssurance visited Sharp Sharp with the guest from nuTIQ Nadine and Axel. After a little chat there was a tasting of different Sharp Sharp products and Frank explained how they are using the iMIS program. It was very insightful to see how iMIS is used in practice. is now even more ready to sell iMIS Food in .

”It's very nice to see where digitization is taking the food industry. At the same time, iMIS is really easy to use for everyone from to and offers an incredible treasure of knowledge and many further possibilities.”

Axel Haack, 2022


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