What is FSSC 24000?

With the Foundation's dedication to assisting with the UN's Development Goals () implementation through its membership in the UN Global Compact, there is a clear focus on ensuring a minimum standard of performance covering employment relations, human rights, health and , and work and business ethics. The goal of Foundation FSSC is to give trust and impact to the consumer goods industry in order to meet this requirement. The availability of the FSSC 24000 Scheme for social management systems (SMS) is crucial for empowering enterprises to have a social effect and support the Sustainable Development Goals as established by the United Nations.

FSSC 24000

Introduction FSSC 24000

The criteria for the and certification of an 's social management system (SMS) within the scope of certification are set forth in the FSSC 24000 certification scheme (hence the Scheme). The certificate attests to the organization's SMS' with the criteria of the FSSC 24000 Scheme.

The following normative texts form the foundation of the Scheme:

  • BSI/PAS 24000:2022 – Social management system -
  • FSSC 24000 Additional (determined by the FSSC Board of stakeholders)

Aim of the scheme

The Scheme's aim is to verify that social requirements are completed, resulting in certification that ensures firms provide safe and fair working conditions, adhere to business ethical standards, and exercise due diligence in their supply chain management.

Nature of the FSSC 24000 scheme

The Scheme provides the requirements for third-party auditing and certification.

The Scheme:
a) Incorporates the Public Available Specification, PAS 24000, developed by BSI, in which through a Harmonized Structure approach, requirements are defined for a Social Management System (SMS), as well as prerequisite/social performance requirements outlined in Annex A of this document.
b) FSSC 24000 Scheme requirements which contain specific requirements for organizations, Certification Bodies (CBs), and Accreditation Bodies (ABs).
c) Allows the integration with ISO-based management system standards such as those for safety, , environmental, health, and safety etc.;
d) Is governed by a non-profit Foundation and managed by an independent Board of Stakeholders;
e) Increases throughout the supply chain by establishing an “FSSC 24000 Register of certified organizations” which is publicly accessible.

FSSC 24000

FSSC 24000 content

The document is a compilation of the five Parts of the Scheme and the two Appendices. Three Annexes are included as well. These all have necessary Scheme requirements. Last but not least, there are guidance publications on various subjects to offer firms seeking certification to the Scheme and to Certification Bodies to provide further information on implementation with additional support. The FSSC website offers free downloads of all .

Part 1: Scheme overview

The Scheme's context and specifics, including its certification scopes, are described in this section.

Part 2: Requirements for organizations to be audited

To get or maintain certification for FSSC 24000, approved Certification Bodies must audit the organization's Social Management System (SMS) in accordance with the Scheme standards described in this section.

Part 3: Requirements for the certification process

This section outlines the specifications for how the certification process must be carried out by authorized Certification Bodies.

Part 4: Requirements for certification bodies

The criteria for certified Certification Bodies that offer organizations scheme certification services are outlined in this section.

Part 5: Requirements for accreditation bodies

The criteria for recognized accreditation bodies that offer accreditation services to authorized certification bodies are described in this section.

Appendix 1 Definitions

Explanation of terms and used.

Appendix 2 Normative references

This section includes all citations used in all Scheme papers.


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