Thijs Boer

Thijs Boer founded Hollanda foods in 2014 as a result of his MSc Research in Economics in Rwanda, which he completed in 2013.

Hollanda Fairfoods

Using potatoes acquired from Rwandan smallholder farmers, Hollanda Fair foods transforms them into high- potato chips that are marketed under the Winnaz brand. It is marketed in Rwanda, Uganda, Goma (DRC), and Bukavu (DRC) and is known by the acronym Winnaz (winners).

The of the output and quality of Rwandan smallholder farmers is a component of their  model. Winnaz specialized of agronomists makes regular visits to the farmers throughout the crop cycle to provide them with ongoing , follow-ups, and training. Farmers that collaborate with them have access to a premium market and produce higher yields of high-quality potatoes, resulting in increased profits.


Winnaz began by selling around 200 bags of crisps each week (after putting in a lot of work), but now Winnaz is a familiar sight on numerous shop shelves across the world! In the near future, a new facility will be open in Uganda in order to better serve our clients there. iMIS has been implemented at Winnaz to guarantee food and high quality to the consumers. In the , you can see Winnaz chips factory in Kigali Rwanda.


Mission statement:

” To create a business platform from where we can implement our sound ideology which maximizes the interests of all stakeholders including customers and community at large. Continuously innovate and manage portfolio of that are at tuned to the dynamic needs and wants of consumers. Continuously maintain and upgrade facilities that will increase the level of efficiency and productivity.”

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