iMIS Food Scan: Do you recognize this?

  • The costs for , BRC, IFS are increasing every time;
  • Making a takes a lot of time;
  • The quality department is growing every year;
  • Expensive adjustments are needed in the existing software systems.
iMIS Food scan

Are you curious how much you can save? Request the free iMIS Food Scan now!

With the iMIS Scan, you, as an entrepreneur, will receive independent on whether the current size of the quality department is necessary, whether the required software is sufficient and whether the consultants who are called in are really needed.

Because QAssurance has knowledge of both Food and the design of systems, a thorough estimate can be made of the annual cost savings (on average between 20-30%). Of course, the costs are perhaps not the most important thing, because that is, of course, supplying that are safe. But we see many food spending unnecessary amounts of money to achieve this.

iMIS Food offers you a high-quality alternative. If you decide to use iMIS Food, you can reap the benefits within a month and you will see that the costs of ensuring your food safety will decrease.

Yes, I would like to take the benefit of the iMIS Food Scan!

Then fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule a time to perform the scan.

What does this scan look like?

In the zoom meeting (online) of one hour a Benefit is performed together for the use of iMIS Food. After this meeting you know the current status of the QA function within your , what the business are and what costs you can save.

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