The organization: NABC (Netherlands-African Business Council)

The Netherlands- Council (NABC) is the most influential in the Netherlands devoted to easing commercial and financial transactions between Africa and the Netherlands. The NABC believes that the Dutch private sector can play a significant part in the environmentally responsible growth of the African continent. As a result, the mission of the NABC is to educate, motivate, catalyze, and connect with the possibilities that exist in Africa, as well as to aid businesses in making informed choices about the when, where, and how of doing business in Africa. Today, the NABC is in charge of a network that consists of nearly 250 active and varied members. In addition, the NABC has access to a community that includes more than 10,000 African and European businesses, institutes, government entities, and other organizations that are interested in conducting business in Africa.

NABC Membership

As a member of NABC, we aim to actively attend and learn from the expertise of the NABC and use their wide range of members to have a clear understanding of the food situation and the situation in Africa. With their extensive local experience, practical knowledge and their network, as a Dutch , we as QAssuarance, are honoured to co-create and develop business opportunities, for creating possibilities on the African continent. Furthermore, by co-creating, we hope to improve our Food Export Program continuously.

Africa Works! Innovation for Resilient Growth

For our first NABC , we will attend Africa Works! 2022, in collaboration with knowledge TNO, focuses on creative solutions for sustained economic recovery in Africa, addressing concerns related to food, , and energy. The major challenges that must be addressed are: what can be done to assist Africa in making “the great jump forward”? And what can the private industry – both Dutch and African – play in this? A follow-up of the event will be followed soon by our food members Nele and Andrada.

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