NLinBusiness supports owners that desire to expand their operations worldwide. The  has selected 40 cities all across the globe as Cities of Opportunity. In each of these cities, we are now working to establish NL Business Hubs. These are powerful business networks made up of Dutch business owners and local service providers. This makes it possible for you to rapidly identify the proper individuals near you and makes doing business on a scale virtually as simple as conducting business in the Netherlands. was invited to attend the bij Guido De Rooij, of DBAV, the Dutch Business Association Vietnam.

Event NLinBusiness: International Business Day

During the business, several representatives of NLinBusiness city hubs worldwide were invited as well as that would like to expand worldwide to connect and look for new opportunities. Next, to the possibility to have one on one meeting there were several representative there were seminars about doing business in a particular country or in a particular industry.

The Event

During the event, Nele and George met numerous stakeholders and professionals linked with different business associations and chambers of commerce. The setting was very casual, and everyone very welcoming and curious. Representatives of different countries were present. For ; Malaysia, Thailand, France, , Mexico, Brazil and many more.

Experience Nele

I really enjoyed how easy can be, everyone was open and interest to talk. Some approaches us other we approached. It was interesting the learn more about the different countries and their sectors. Furthermore i loved the event , KAS was so nice with all the green and the mindset really hope to have the chance to go there again. I'm looking forward for more like that and am really happy about the contacts we made.

Experience George

For me, it was interesting, to hear about everyone's experiences in different countries. I have already known the NLinBusiness for over a year. For university, I had to make a few studies, and now I could hear the story from the perspective of the representatives as well as learn why some companies would like to expand to another country. I participated in several one on one meetings, as well as the seminar for Hong Kong/ Main land china, and the one about the Agri-Food sector in Malasya. The world is actually changing to more transparent world, and that is exciting as well as how excited people were when we talked about the food export program. I really enjoyed the event, and would like to participate once again in the future.

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