Example: Visitors' procedure

The ' is as follows: it is prohibited for unauthorized persons to enter the area(s). Authorized persons (visitors) should comply with . To this end, they must be kept under watch and signed in. This is done on the form (visitors list) in order to the visit. Every visitor can only enter the production area under supervision. This can be deviated from if permissible. Visitors who have been in with or suffer from infectious diseases or other conditions that could pose a threat to may not enter the production areas.

Rules in the production area for visitors

Visitors are not allowed to enter the production area(s) without clothing and must at least:

  • Wear a white overcoat or overall (may also be a new disposable one);
  • Wear a head covering that covers all their hair and the ears;
  • Wear blue shoe protectors or footwear provided by the . In this , the visitor needs to walk through the sole cleaner.
  • Must remove jewellery, watches, and visible piercings.
  • Wash and disinfect their hands.

Furthermore, they must comply with all other if they apply, such as gloves, masks, etc. The visitor takes that no loose objects (including glasses) get into the process. Only a pen made of unbreakable and/or detectable material is allowed to be brought along.

These rules also apply to mechanics who must enter the production area(s) to repair equipment. The technician must also notify in advance and report to the reception/office to fill in the registration form.

The visitor may not touch the production or equipment without permission from their guide. An exemption to this is the mechanics, who receive specific permission.


Each visitor has an obligation to comply with all applicable rules. In the case of deliberate non- with the rules, the visitor will have to leave the . The company from which the visitor comes will be informed in writing. That company will be denied access to the property until they indicate in writing that they will respect the in the future. If they fail to confirm this, then no more business will be done with that company.

Photos may not be taken without the express permission of the company.

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