objectives; these are !

The most common way to set good objectives is via the SMART method. SMART stands for:

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Acceptable
R = Realistic
T = Time dependent


To make a goal specific, we ask the W

What do we want to achieve? Who is involved? Where will it happen? When does it happen? Why do we want to achieve it?


The measurability is usually indicated in numbers. Measurability can also be made visible by comparing the goal with existing , , standards, manuals, or systems. 


The A also stands for Action Oriented. Questions are: Is it feasible for yourself? Is there sufficient support to reach the goal? Is it action-oriented and leading to results? NOTE: it is not about the actions themselves but about the result!


If the goal is achievable, does it provide a sufficient challenge. A goal should not be too easy but also not too difficult. Questions are:

Is the goal feasible for me and /or others? Is the effort not too high or too low? Is the effort related to the result?

Time dependent

A good objective has at least one date. Often multiple are mentioned such as start, end, and intermediate data.

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