iMIS Lab System: real-time ISO 17025 compliance

To aid with an ISO 17025 , iMIS Lab is launched, the software exists with the following components.

iMIS Lab Handbook

iMIS Lab Audit

iMIS Lab Webforms

iMIS Lab Ticket System

iMIS Lab Documents

iMIS Lab Updates

Implementation of iMIS Lab Table

The following will discuss the whole implementation process;

Implementation phases  (10 Days with QA manager on site)
1.0 Preparing iMIS Lab system
1.01 Send iMIS Lab specifications for server configuration
1.02 Place 32 folder system
1.1 Gather basic
1.11 Methodology &
1.12 IS017025 and ISO15189: Lab authority matters
1.13 Flowcharts
1.14 Logo for the Lab signs
1.2 Handbook implementation -> 3 months until accreditational body approval, then ring tests quarterly
1.21 Explanation of handbook system and training
1.22 Activate generic iMIS Lab information
1.23 Determining -specific information,  including and
1.24 Adding the company-specific information
1.25 Introduce the new handbook system to colleagues
1.3  implementation
1.31 Explanation of system and training
1.32 Determine the desired rounds and
1.33 Make an inventory of company-specific information for the inspection rounds
1.34 Creating a company-specific audit system
1.35 Add desired users to audit system
1.36 Setting up the handhelds with inspection rounds
1.37 Introduce the new audit system to colleagues
1.4 Implement intranet system
1.41 Explanation of intranet system and training
1.42 Setting up user rights for ticketsystem,  webforms and
1.43 Introduce the intranet system to colleagues
iMIS Lab support process  (First year: 5 days, thereafter optional (6 to 9 months))
2. Scheduled activities
2.1  / supplemented with / Lab defense and etc.
2.2 Verification report
2.4 Tracking test (or testing for )
2.5 Cross table to the norm
2.6 Methodology validation and verification
2.7 Preparation of Accreditation audit
2.8 Accreditation guidance
2.9  action handling


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