What requirements should I set for pest control?

Hereby an pest purchase ;

Dear ,

You will receive these conditions in duplicate. One version must be signed by you for approval and returned.

Deliveries must take place in accordance with these terms and conditions, other agreements made in writing or purchase contracts. If are made by us to these terms and conditions, you are obliged to implement them.

If we do not work in accordance with these conditions, we reserve our right not to accept the services. Any costs can be recovered from you by us. If you cannot deliver on the agreed date or time, you must inform us in time to prevent downtime.

  • Before the start of the work, your must report and fill in our visitor statement.
  • After completing the work, your employee must log off.
  • No work may be carried out if your employee has a contagious infectious .
  • The work is only carried out by trained personnel.
  • There is no deviation from our hygiene .
  • All regarding registrations, activities and competences are met.
  • There must be a specification of all products used. When changes are going to take place, the specification is renewed in advance.
  • Safety sheets are present for all products.
  • All bait boxes, fly lamps, etc. must be numbered on a map.
  • There must be clarity in which place, which means is used.
  • An by us on is permitted in of where openness of all relevant data must be given.
  • In the event of a possible recall that may have an impact on our operation, the department should be contacted directly by telephone to prevent worse.
  • The work must always take place in a way that cannot have a negative impact on:
    • safety and quality of our products
    • Occupational health and safety

In all cases, we are immediately informed in the event of calamities that may directly relate to the food safety or quality of our products.
If you have to deviate from one of the above , we will be informed immediately.

With this statement, the existing certificates are also sent.



Name authorized signatory:


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