World Food Safety Day: Food Standards Save Lives

World Day (WFSD), celebrated annually on June 7th, will mark its fifth anniversary in 2023. More than 600 million individuals become ill annually due to the 200 varieties of diseases that can be transmitted through food. Furthermore, youth and communities with limited resources are disproportionately affected. On an annual basis, caused by food result in 420 000 preventable fatalities. This day aims to raise awareness about the significance of , detection, and through food safety practices, as well as to promote debates, solutions, and methods for enhancing the well-being of humans, commerce, farming, and development.

Food Standards Save Lives

“Food Standards Save Lives” is the theme of this year's World Food Safety Day. In addition to providing farmers and manufacturers with on the hygienic management of food, standards define safe maximum levels of and contaminants, among other components. It is the of governments, organizations, and regional or intergovernmental bodies to establish these standards. This year it is celebrated sixty years since the establishment of the Alimentarius Commission, one of the organizations responsible for establishing food safety and standards.

GFSI Food Safety Standards

The objective of the food safety initiative is to enhance food safety and productivity. 's work in benchmarking and harmonization promotes industry-wide mutual of GFSI-recognized programs and enables a streamlined “once certified, recognized everywhere” methodology. Therefore, this reduces inefficiencies caused by duplicate audits and aids in lowering obstacles to . The GFSI Benchmarking methodology is currently widely accepted in the global food industry. The most used GFSI standards in are as follows:


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