Yes that absolutely possible, saving costs of a food audit

You know. One month before the FSSC, BRC, IFS , a lot still needs to be done, according to the consultancy . Old school consultancy firms manage their on billable hours. Consultants are paid by the hour. To give food over external parties, we share with you the days that are normally required here.

Implementation time decrease

Food System implementationQA activitiesDays
1.1Gather basic
1.11HACCP study & 1
1.12Legislation: HACCP and matters1
1.2Handbook implementation3
Total Days Implementation6
QAssurance yearly support process
2.Yearly scheduled activities
2.1 // and etc.1
2.2/2.3Verification report/1
2.4/2.5 test, Tracking test (or testing, for )1
2.9Audit preparation and guidance0,5
2.10 action handling0,5
Total Days Yearly Support4

Do you have doubts about the activities that your advisor should perform in his perspective? Or do you want a second

Please contact us or request the iMIS Food scan directly!

Food Safety
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