Purpose allergen scan

The following can be used to test whether a has considered all relevant allergen issues.

Specification management:

  • Are the specifications available for all ?
  • Have these specifications been checked for correctness?
  • Are these specifications up to date? Are the mandatory discussed?
  • Is available for all system suppliers?
  • Are the recipes up to date? 
  • Are the end up to date?
  • Are the allergens included with any ?
  • Will any allergen changes end up on the label?
  • Does this happen before the change has taken place?
  • Is there a final check on the correct label information on the finished product produced?
  • Is the most up-to-date allergen and product specification information available for external information provision?
  • Will new product specifications be sent to the customers in the of any allergen changes?
  • Will the also be immediately updated with relevant allergen information?

Company allergen knowledge:

  • Does management know what allergens are?
  • Do the employees know what allergens are?
  • Do the production employees know which allergens are present in the company?
  • Does management keep people informed of changes?
  • Is there an up-to-date list of allergens within the company, in raw material, semi-finished product, and end product?
  • Is this list used in production planning and cleaning actions?
  • Are the company rules and hygienic working rules sufficient with regard to allergens?

Quality system:

  • Have allergens been identified in the HACCP study?
  • Is the transport of incoming and outgoing also included in the HACCP or allergen study?
  • Has a layout with routing of the raw material, semi-finished product, and end product been used in this study?
  • Is someone from the raw material to the end product with the customer responsible for the allergen process?
  • Is this expressly in the job descriptions?
  • Are there specific allergen measures in place? Procedures, work , records, and .
  • Are these measures adjusted in of change? For , the order of production.
  • Is someone responsible for customer regarding allergens?
  • Does this person have all the necessary general and company-specific allergens knowledge?
  • Can this person also explain the complete allergen system to customers?

Cleaning, disinfection:

  • Is the cleaning plan also based on allergens?
  • Will this cleaning plan be adjusted in case of change?
  • Has the cleaning plan been validated for the absence of allergens?

Monitoring and control

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