Collaboration 1-2-Taste

1-2 taste facilitates in ingredients. Due to these global interactions, 1-2 tastes create a gateway to for in developing countries. As a proud Indian market solution, it can be an for other developing countries in and . 1-2-Taste facilitates and opens new doors for your food .

QAssurance has become a service of 1-2-Taste (with the food security program), a global platform for food ingredients. 1-2-Taste offers ingredients such as:

  • flavors, both natural and ,
  • dyes,
  • and vegetable juices,
  • purees and powders,
  • ,
  • texturizers,
  • flavor enhancers and more for many applications.

1-2 Taste: Demand: buying ingredients

1-2-Taste is the world's first platform that allows all food & beverage companies to have easy access to food & beverage ingredients: Easy to find, easy to select and easy to order. Whether a manufacturer is looking for regular ingredients, innovative ingredients or innovation support, 1-2-Taste is the right partner, bringing together food ingredients and services. 1-2-Taste is offering ingredients like flavours, colours, fruit and vegetable-based ingredients, sweeteners, texturisers, fibres, nutraceuticals, proteins, emulsifiers, starches, taste improvers and much more for many applications. Supplying all these ingredients, 1-2-Taste is the partner for food producers for the savoury, , ice cream, confectionery, beverage & or processing/alternatives industry looking for ingredients or services.

1-2 Taste: Supply: selling ingredients

Food ingredients producers with unique innovative or producers looking for market expansion can sell their ingredients on the 1-2-Taste platform all across Europe and India. 1-2-Taste manages the entire order fulfilment process and also provides logistic support: samples are centrally stored in 1-2-Taste's warehouse and dispatched to customers together with other samples ordered by customers. By jointly dispatching samples from multiple suppliers and categories, 1-2-Taste can help reduce new   for a food manufacturer by weeks if not months! On request, 1-2-Taste can even handle small quantity order fulfilment directly from their own warehouse.

If you are a food producer looking for specific and innovative ingredients or services for the bakery, ice cream, confectionery, beverage & dairy, or meat processing & meat alternatives industries, please visit the 1-2-Taste website.

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