Winnaz Case

To give an example of the Food Global Markets Program, we as QAssurance partnered up with Winnaz, a potato crisps producer in Rwanda. Here is a small teaser video to see the program. The full video and more information about the case are available at the following link.

Food Global Markets Program Members

Collaboration between QAssurance and Agrea

We partnered with Agrea to expand services to the Philippines, home to one of the largest agri-sectors in Asia, and develop opportunities for Southeast Asia

Food Export Program case Winnaz

On the page, more information is given about the program with the Winnaz Rwanda case. A video is accompanied to have a clear idea of the program.

1-2 Taste collaboration with QAssurance

QAssurance launches a partnership with 1-2 Taste, to achieve global reach for iMIS Food. 1-2 Taste offers a digital trade platform worldwide

The Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR)

GFSR is a global food safety resource provide information and training on food safety trends, regulatory compliance, industry standards, and more.
iMIS Food server FOGA

FOGA Organic Gum implementing iMIS Food Global

FOGA Organic Gum from Sudan started the implementation of iMIS Food Global. The iMIS Food server in Rotterdam is set up for FSSC22000 certification.

ProFound collaboration with QAssurance

To unite forces QAssurance has collaborated with ProFound, the company has an immense knowledge and experience in working in developing countries.

How to enable Food Safety in emerging countries to meet Food Safety Compliance standards?

In 2020, QAssurance developed iMIS Food Global to enable Food companies in emerging countries to meet Food Safety Compliance standards.

In collaboration with Hollanda Fair Foods, a crisps factory in Rwanda (Winnaz) has been fully equipped for FSSC22000. This project is a great first step for QAssurance to address the following questions and actions.

Food Safety Projects in Africa
Top ten countries for food safety projects (Source: GFSP)

Phase 1: Overview

  1. What is the status of Food Safety in Africa in the area of Food Safety Compliance?
  2. Which countries have the most Food Safety initiatives and will benefit from improving the quality of food production?
  3. Which stakeholders, NGOs, Foundations and other parties play a role in this area and initiate projects in this area? (such as Fair Trade organizations, WHO, USAID, etc.)
  4. Development of a supporting website about Food Safety Compliance and iMIS Food Global for collaboration with stakeholders

Phase 2: East Africa

  1. How is this specifically arranged for East Africa?
  2. How does this apply to the situation in Rwanda?
  3. What can we learn from the online implementation of iMIS Food Global in Rwanda?
  4. Develop a supportive website for the implementation of iMIS Food Global for the Food factory
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