quality and food are high on the agenda and the food industry is increasingly confronted with rising quality costs. Labeling must meet many legal . Standards such as FSSC 22000, BRC, and IFS continuously impose stricter requirements and customers demand substantive information about the products supplied.

As an entrepreneur, you, therefore, pay a high bill for a quality department, the necessary software, and the consultants who must be called in for additional expertise.

iMIS Food offers you a high-quality alternative with significant savings on your quality costs. If you decide to start using iMIS Food, you can reap its benefits within a month.

iMIS Food Product Groups

Within iMIS Food, a distinction is made between different . We have further elaborated on the six main product groups.

We have much more background available on our legislation site. If you would like to access it, please us.

Connect to comply

iMIS Food offers a complete infrastructure for QA matters, enabling efficient with changing legislation and standards.

More than 1000 audits have been successfully completed with iMIS Food since 2009!

Over QAssurance

QAssurance is specialized in food safety. We enable a food producers to manage food safety themselves. iMIS Food has been developed to achieve this. iMIS Food offers a complete infrastructure for QA matters, enabling efficient compliance with changing legislation and standards. With the iMIS Food Helpdesk, professional support is available for substantive and software questions.

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